Donating money to the Debian Edu/Skolelinux project

If you want to donate money to the Debian Edu/Skolelinux project, please follow this procedure. The donation will be spent according to the goals of the projects. The money is handled by the SLX Debian Labs foundation, which takes care of the funding of the project.


This is the procedure followed for donations to Debian Edu/Skolelinux in Norway. These are instructions both for the sender and the receiver of the donations.

  1. Send an email to sdl-styret (at), expressing your intention to donate money to Debian Edu. Please include full name and address (country, postal area and code) in the email. The origin of donations are normally published, if you want to donate anonymously, please state this in your email. If you want a receipt, please state so too. Please use either English or Norwegian language. The receiver of the email will confirm that the email is received.

  2. Transfer the donation to the account using the account information listed below. Please include "Donation to debian-edu" as the message assosiated with the donation.

  3. The receiver of the email send a thank you email and letter to the donator when the money is received. CC is sent to the donate mailinglist.

  4. Donation information is published on the sponsor list web page. Name is 'anonymous donator' if the donator did not want his name published. The postal code, county and country is always published. The format is a simple CVS style text file.

Account information

If you live in Norway, use norwegian bank account 1604 0884 339.

If you live within EU and other countries supporting the IBAN standard ( payments should be made to:

If you live somewhere where SWIFT is the easiest option, payments can be made using this SWIFT information:

donate AT
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